Re: Use of CString key in CMap

"Giovanni Dicanio" <>
Fri, 4 Apr 2008 10:47:18 +0200
"Kjell Arne Johansen" <> ha
scritto nel messaggio

I have a question about the use of CString as a key in a CMap. Is that

To add to David's correct answer of using CMapStringToOb, I would also
suggest to use std::map.

One of the reasons I like std::map better than CMap is that you don't need
to provide a custom hash-key generator for std::map (or, at least, I never
had to do that). Instead, it seems that you must provide that with CMap (at
least for CString key...).

Moreover, with std::map you can have type-safety (because you can specify
the exact template value type T), instead with CMapStringToOb the "value"
type (in "key -> value" association) is a CObject *, so you kind of loose
type safety (or at least, it is not as robust and strict as in std::map).

Moreover, if you compare std::map and CMap definitions, you can note how
std::map is simpler (you just need to specify two template types: the key
type and value type - you can specify also other details, like compare
function and allocator, but default ones are also provided):

// std::map< Key, Value >
// (default compare function and allocator used)
std::map< CString, CSomeObject > m_map;

// CMap
// (You must specify 4 types...)
CMap<CString, CString &, csomecobject, csomecobject &> m_map csomecobject;


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