Re: CSplitterWnd non movable splitters?

David Wilkinson <>
Mon, 13 Aug 2007 08:18:06 -0400
RAN wrote:


Is it possible to create splitters that are not moveable on a
CFormView ?
Are there any samples i can take a look at ?
I would like to create a SDI CFormView app that creates an horizontal
splitter and a vertical splitter attached to it on the right side of
the horizontal splitter. I want those splitters initially placed
somewhere in the screen but they must be non movable by the user.
Is it possible to get rid of the splitters again somehow so im left
with a simple clean CFormView ?
In the right horizonal Pane i want to Create a CListCtrl, on the right
upperpane i want to use a ActiveX control and on the botton vertical
pane i want a multiline edit control.


To lock the splitters, derive a class from CSplitterWnd, and override
OnLButtonDown(), OnMouseMove() and OnSetCursor() to call the CWnd
version rather than the CSplitterWnd version (I learned this trick from
"The MFC answer Book" by Eugene Kain).

Why do you say a "CFormView application"? Normally, when you have a
splitter window, the CSplitterWnd (or derivative) replaces the view as a
   the child of the mainframe, and views are placed inside the panes of
the splitter. To get rid of the splitter, I would just swap the whole
CSplitterWnd with a CFormView (This is essentially no different from
swapping two views).

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

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