Re: Polymorphism?

David Wilkinson <>
Sun, 14 May 2006 05:47:21 -0400
Robby wrote:

Hi guys.... Thankyou for replying!

I did change the constructor declarations from: A_SETV(); to A_SETV() {}

and it works !

What threw me off was that I saw some code samples with their constructors
declared like this A_SETV(); however, they had no code in main(). They were
just demontrating how to declare the classes!

Since I thought that this was the way and the only way to declare
constructors, I sort of ignored the fact that when main has code, you *must*
implement the constructor when you decide to provide one.

Guys, I thankyou very much for your help!


Unless you are inlining for performance, it is not the C++ way to define
constructors or other methods in the header (.h) file of the class
(either inside the class definition (implicit inline), or outside with
explicit inline keyword. Rather they should be defined in a separate
implementation (.cpp) file.

Note that if you do put the definition in the header, it MUST be inlined
(implicitly or explicitly), because otherwise you will have multiple
definitions if you include the header in more than one place.

David Wilkinson

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