Re: select class by combobox??

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 1 Sep 2006 09:25:10 -0700
Hi Tio,

"Tio Cactus" <> wrote in message

but I have the same names of functions in both class and I can't do this.
Using two classes is easier.

OK. But you can have the same function names in a single class with
different arguments.

Only one time (on start program) I will select the class which I use
So when I select e.g."first case" in combobox I need only functions
from first class, without functions from second class. Some other
variables and global functions will in both case.

Can I write something like that...........

if Combobox retunt e.g. 'case 1'
MyFirstClass* Object = new MyFirstClass();
if Combobox retunt e.g. 'case 2'
MySecondClass* Object = new MySecondClass();
then I working on Object until I want close program.
and when program finishes 'delete' Object ? because I use this class
all time until I close program.

Is it correct ?

Yeah, but it's going to be difficult to manage since you'll have to check
every time you use the object for which one was actually created., but
perhaps that's part of the exercise. You could create a parent class and
derive from it using virtual functions that are implemented differently then
use polymorphism for the class that you eventually create.


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