Re: inhibit compiler warning C4624 for a class hierarchy

"Ben Voigt" <rbv@nospam.nospam>
Wed, 10 Jan 2007 09:56:10 -0600

Making an object to be uncreatable on stack is quite
uncommon requirement. So, protected destructor throughout an hierarchy is
acceptable price for it.

Well, that's not actually my requirement. My requirement is non-virtual
destruction... I've got a polymorphic hierarchy of POD classes, but since
they're passed through a communication channel, using proper C++ virtual
dispatch isn't an option (plus it's slow due to lack of inlining), instead I
use a classic switch statement to decode the type marker, cast to a correct
type, and turn over to helper functions for type-safe processing. Every
instance will be freed by the base class destructor and operator delete,
regardless of specific type.

Anyway, I want to generate a compile-time huge warning or error message if
and only if someone tries to write a destructor for any of these buffer
classes. That's my reasoning for a private destructor.

The fact that the objects can't be created on the stack is of no concern to
me, but not my direct goal.

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