About get the information of a folder

=?Utf-8?B?RWNobw==?= <Echo@discussions.microsoft.com>
Tue, 2 May 2006 19:35:02 -0700
Hello, everyone!
This is Echo. I want get the size, file numbers of a folder. i made
following code. It works for most folders. But for larger folder, there is
The problem is: if I choose a larger folder, such as C or other drives, the
result is different to the results obtained by windows OS. For example,the C
dirve on my PC, if i select all the folder and file in C and right-click
"properties", windows OS gives the result is 133,055 files, 18.0G. But, my
code gives result is 148,368 files and 27G.
I cannot find any error in my code. Can you can help me? Thank you in

unsigned long SizeofFolder(CString path, DWORD& gb, DWORD& mb, DWORD& kb)
   DWORD num=0;
    CStringArray dirs;
    CString searchname;
    CFileFind find;
    BOOL bRet;
       searchname = dirs[0] +"\\*.*";
       bRet = find.FindFile (searchname,0);
           bRet = find.FindNextFile ();
           if(find.IsDots ())
           if(find.IsDirectory ())//This is a folder
               dirs.Add (find.GetFilePath());
           else//This is a file
     if(kb>=1048576)//1M byte
       DWORD i=kb/1048576;
       if(mb>=1024)//1G byte
           DWORD i=mb/1024;
    return 1;

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