Visual C/C++ 6.0. Using SEH

=?Utf-8?B?TWlyb3NsYXYgTWlsZXYu?= <Miroslav>
Mon, 5 Jun 2006 07:24:02 -0700
I'm facaing a problem in using SEH (structured exceptions handling) in VC 6.0.
Please, create (using Visual C/C++ 6.0) an Empty Console application. Use
following source to build the application:

class A
    operator const __int64() const
        return 33i64; // random number


inline bool operator!=(const A& val1, const __int64 val2)
    return false; // doesnt matter what it returns

static A g_a;

bool func()
        return (g_a != 0i64);
    return 0;

void main(void)
    // Check the returned value
    bool bRetVal = func();
} // Place a breakpoint here and check the value of bRetVal.


Run the application and check the value returned by func(). In my case it is
24, but it should be false <zero>. Actually (after number of tests) I found
that it is a random number.

Can somebody, please, explain what is goig on?
This code should be working, or I should get a compiler error.
I'm not looking for workaraoung. I just want to understand - am I wrong, or
there is something with the compiler. Thank you !!!
* I've tried the same source using VC 2003 and it works fine.

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