Big Problem! How to overload operator delete?

"Lighter" <>
9 Aug 2006 19:01:08 -0700
Big Problem! How to overload operator delete?

According to C++ standard, "A deallocation function can have more than
one parameter."(see; however, I don't know how to use an
overloaded delete operator. Let me use an example to illustrate this:

#include <new>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

void operator delete(void* p, const nothrow_t&)
    cout << "Hello" << endl;
} // (1)

void operator delete(void* p, int a, int b)
    cout << "World" << endl;
} // (2)

int main()
    int* p = new(nothrow) int;

    delete p; // This cannot render to show 'Hello' or 'World'

Even if I use 'delete(nothrow, p);', it cannot render to show 'Hello'
or 'World' either. My problem just lies here: Although I can write my
own operator delete, I cannot use it. As far as I know, the C++
standard doesn't give an example to illustrate the usage of delete (The
usage of new is given.).

An ugly way to do this is to use function call:

operator delete(nothrow, p); // This can render to show 'Hello'

However, I don't think this is the answer to my question. Who know the
correct one?

Any help will be appreciatied. Thanks in advance.

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