Re: Are there any solution or work-around to this CToolBar bug?

"Ajay Kalra" <>
21 Aug 2006 11:12:00 -0700
I have done a lot toolbar management but I had not heard of this but
again I never deleted all buttons. If invalidating it does not work,
try calling RecalcLayout and see if that has any impact.


Adding buttons in runtime to a CToolBar when it is docked to the right or to
the left results in a weird phenomenon, the last button in the tool bar is
not displayed until the mouse pointer moves over it for the first time.
I found some others suffering from the same problem but they included a
complicated scenario to reproduce the bug. I played with my code to give the
minimal code to reproduce than problem.

In the command handler of CMainFrame of a newly generated SDI application,
add the following code:

void CMainFrame::OnBlaBlaBla()
  CToolBarCtrl& tbc = m_wndToolBar.GetToolBarCtrl();

  // Delete existing tool bar buttons
  for (int i = tbc.GetButtonCount() - 1; i >= 0 ; i--)

  // Deleting the tool bar images inside the image list
  CImageList * il = tbc.GetImageList();
  ImageList_RemoveAll (il->m_hImageList);
  tbc.SetImageList (il);

  // Adding the 3 buttons
  TBBUTTON button[3];
  int sz = sizeof (button);
  ZeroMemory (&button, sz);
  button[0].idCommand = ID_FILE_NEW;
  button[0].iBitmap = tbc.GetImageList()->Add (AfxGetApp()->LoadIcon
  button[1].idCommand = ID_FILE_NEW;
  button[1].iBitmap = tbc.GetImageList()->Add (AfxGetApp()->LoadIcon
  button[2].idCommand = ID_FILE_NEW;
  button[2].iBitmap = tbc.GetImageList()->Add (AfxGetApp()->LoadIcon
  tbc.AddButtons(3, button);

Run the application then drag the toolbar to dock it to the left. Now fire
the command to execute the previous function, you will see only two buttons
instead of 3. Then move the mouse pointer below the second button, the third
button appears!!!
This behavior happens if we dock the tool bar to the left or to the right.

I tried playing with all flags including CBRS_LEFT and tool tip flags and
others. I also tried playing with SetSizes of the CToolBar and the
underlying CToolBarCtrl. Nothing helps.

Any has a solution?


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