Re: Frame, View, Crash

"Ajay Kalra" <>
23 Aug 2006 12:34:37 -0700
I dont see anything standing out here. When you are cleaning up, I
would add ASSERT_VALID(pView) at the top of InitialViewUpdate. While
you are at it, leave the creation of CDialogBar it to mainframe or
view and not the doc. But thats an orthogonal issue and nothing to do
with the problem.

By any chance is this issue because you recently migrated to VS2005?


I keep looking at the code, I wrote it quite a while back. The doc is
derived from:

class CRichDoc : public CRichEditDoc

I use CRichDoc everywhere without a problem.

And in initialize I:
    doc->SetOwner( parent );

Which is NULL. (The more I look at this code the more I want to go back
and clean stuff up. Some of it doesn't look so good. Like I don't need
to pass the view instead of using doc->GetView( ). ) I haven't delved
into CRichEditDoc to see if it uses the owner, but the pointer error is
not on NULL, it is 0x08!? (or it could be 0x00 + 0x08 that is doing it.)

Here is some more, but I don't see anything that would smash memory.
This only happens on initialize, there is no message mapped for
Update_cModels. It was meant for a future that never happened.

void CSummaryDoc::InitialViewUpdate( CRichView* pView )
    pView->SetPaperSize( CSize( 9360, 8000 ) );
    pView->SetWrap( CRichEditView::WrapToTargetDevice );
    CRichFrame* pFrame= static_cast<CRichFrame*>( pView->GetParentFrame( ) );

    if( !cDialogBar.Create( pFrame, IDD_BAR_DROPDOWN, WS_VISIBLE | CBRS_TOP
        TRACE( "Failed to create dialog bar m_wndDialogBar\n" );
    cDialogBar.EnableDocking( CBRS_ALIGN_TOP );
    pFrame->DockControlBar( &cDialogBar );
    HEDockBarNextTo( &cDialogBar, &pFrame->formatBarRE );
    cModels.SubclassDlgItem( IDC_BAR_COMBO, &cDialogBar );

    AfxGetWinPos( _T("SummaryEditor"), pView );
    Update_cModels( NULL, NULL );
    OnCbnSelchange( );

LRESULT CSummaryDoc::Update_cModels( WPARAM /**/, LPARAM /**/ )
    cModels.Clear( );
    for( int i= 0; i < oProject.GetModelCount( ); ++i )
        CString t;
        MODEL_INFO& info=[i];
        cModels.InsertString( i, info.GetTitle( ) );
        if( lastSelected == info.uid )
            cModels.SetCurSel( i );
    if( cModels.GetCurSel( ) == -1 )
        cModels.SetCurSel( 0 );

    return false;


Thanks, Dan.

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