CWindow::Create Failure

"NickP" <>
Tue, 17 Oct 2006 18:24:35 +0100
Hi there,

    I have a class derived from CWindowImpl and I am handling the WM_CREATE
message via a message handler and map.



    LRESULT OnCreate(UINT /*uMsg*/, WPARAM /*wParam*/, LPARAM /*lParam*/,
BOOL& /*bHandled*/);

    LRESULT CFlashView::OnCreate(UINT /*uMsg*/, WPARAM /*wParam*/, LPARAM
lParam, BOOL& /*bHandled*/)
        #if FLASH
            cWndChildWindow = CWindow::Create(WC_MYWINDOWCLASS, m_hWnd,


    In the OnCreate method I would like to create an instance of a child
window that needs to be displayed in this window. But for some reason I am
greeted with an Assertion Failure with the expression

    m_hWnd == 0
    ATLASSUME(m_hWnd == NULL)

    Now is this telling me that m_hWnd needs to be 0? or can't be 0?

    m_hWnd is the handle to CMyWindow and at this point it should have been
created right? This is really confusing me, if I pass 0 to the method it
continues but then fails on the next line as CWndChildWindow was never
created. cWndChildWindow is a CWindow object.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for your time in advance.


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