Re: debug build crashes when calling managed code

"Dave Calkins" <david.calkins@noemail.noemail>
Fri, 9 Mar 2007 09:32:28 -0500
The third party library defines something like the below. The class names
are of course prefixed with their macro to provide the necessary

namespace TPNS {
    class CDataHolder {
        // ...

    typedef vector<CDataHolder> CDataHolderContainer;

    class CDataProvider {
        // ...

        void GetData(CDataHolderContainer& out);

In our code, we're doing something like the below.

void foo(TPNS::CDataProvider* prov) {
    CDataHolderContainer dc;

The prov->GetData(dc) is the line in the call stack with THIRDPARTYMETHOD.
Please let me know if you require additional details.

As I understand it, with Release mode, provided you build a .pdb file and
enable debug info you *should* be able to still debug. In my experience,
though, this isn't quite the case. Stepping through code is unreliable;
sometimes it works, sometimes the execution point clearly doesn't match the
source. Also, viewing variables while stepping through works sometimes,
othertimes it refuses to show the variable or shows garbage. This is why we
want to be able to run in debug mode.

"Charles Wang[MSFT]" <> wrote in message

I agree with Dave Lowndes. In additional, it seemed that your call stack
was not intact. The callstack was all about system dlls, could you please
post more related call stack information regarding your THIRDPARTYMETHOD
for further research?

Also, I am little confused that you said that if you switched back to
Release mode, you would lose debugging functionality. You can also debug
your application even with Release mode which enables optimizations and
generates less (or no) extra debug data.

Look forward to your response. If you have any other questions or
please feel free to let us know.

Best regards,
Charles Wang
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