Re: address of virtual member function passed as template argument

18 Mar 2007 11:31:50 -0700
On 16 Mrz., 22:46, "Alex Blekhman" <x...@oohay.moc> wrote:

<> wrote:


My problem is that the following code using some very
specific stuff
fails to compile on MSVC8:
// main.cpp
// the error is:
// main.cpp(8) : fatal error C1001: internal compiler
error.// (File
"msc1.cpp", Line 1392)

#include <iostream>

// just a simple classtemplatewhich "holds" an address
of a member
// i found out that this class doesn't even need to
contain anything
// else than this to produce the error
template<class Class, void(Class::*MemberFunction)()>
class mfaddr_hold

class Foo
       void f1() {}
       virtualvoid f2() {}

class Boom
       void f1() {}
       virtualvoid f2() {}

       mfaddr_hold<Foo, &Foo::f1> h1; // other class,
-> works
       mfaddr_hold<Foo, &Foo::f2> h2; // other class,
function-> works
       mfaddr_hold<Boom, &Boom::f1> h3; // same class,
function-> works
       mfaddr_hold<Boom, &Boom::f2> h4; // same class,
function-> internal compiler error


int main(int argc, char* argv[])
       return 0;


The Code works with gcc4.
The problem in MSVC8 is that i can't pass the address of a
functionof a class (here Boom) to a member variable in
the same class
astemplateparameter ;)

Do you guys know any solutions to solve this? any

Possible workaround depends on what `mfaddr_hold' actually
does. Using your code I came up with workaround using

#include <functional>


class Boom
    Boom() :

    void f1() {}
   virtualvoid f2() {}

    std::mem_fun_t<void, Foo> h1;
    std::mem_fun_t<void, Foo> h2;
    std::mem_fun_t<void, Boom> h3;
    std::mem_fun_t<void, Boom> h4;


int main()
    Boom b;
    Foo f;



    return 0;


Everything compiles and works perfectly.


The problem is that this doesn't fit my needs. But thank you for your
I want to use Boost.Property and therefor it need to pass those
addresses to boost::property::object_property<...>

consider the following example:
class foo
    int value;

    int getValue() const { return value; }
    void setValue(const int& v) { value = v; }

    boost::scalar_property< boost::object_property
        char, foo,


If you make getValue() oder setValue() virtual, it crashes.
Well, i could pass pointers to getValue and setValue to the property
using it's custuctor at RunTime.
But i had to write my own property-lib for that and (more importantly)
it wouldn't fit into my OOP-system that well. (would be better if
every devired class _had_ to use getValue and setValue for their

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