Re: GetBuffer Problem

"Marcos Aguiar" <>
28 Mar 2007 06:15:55 -0700
Hi Everyone,
Here it goes:

void CMyObj::ReplaceStringsInList(BOOL bIsExpression, CString& s,
CStringList&, CStringList&)
    LPTSTR aux;

        aux = s.GetBuffer(256 * 1024 + 1);

    }catch(CException *e){
        aux = NULL;
        TCHAR sz[255];
        _stprintf(sz, _T("%d"), errno);
        TRACE1("%s", sz);
    if( aux != NULL ){
        ::DoReplaceStrings(bIsExpression, CString((LPCTSTR)s), aux );


I didn't have the try catch before, and it was blewing up my
application. I do a lot of calls because I want to change a property
inside a object in a collection that may itself have another object
collection and so on. If the propertys have the same value, this value
is replaced by the new one. It's a pretty complex model. But the
recursion is fine, there is no circular dependency. Something weird
also happened when I was debbuging. When I did it step by step on the
interation that was not allocating memory, it didn't raise a exception
and allocated memory fine. That's why I started to get suspicious
about the frequency of allocation as the source of the problem, but I
couldn't find any documentation about it.


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