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MrAsm <>
Thu, 12 Apr 2007 15:27:40 GMT
On Wed, 11 Apr 2007 20:13:36 -0700, "Tom Serface"
<> wrote:

You could use a CStdioFile to do this easily, not sure about the odd
characters showing though, but CStdioFile works with Unicode so if you're
using that you'll be safe with just about anything.

To me, it seems that CStdioFile is *not* working with Unicode, but
maybe I'm missing something...

I wrote a simple MFC dialog-based app with a list-box.
I put some Unicode strings into the list-box, and then I save them to

Using both OP's method and CStdioFile fail (when you open the file,
the Chinese Unicode characters aren't there).

Instead, I converted the Unicode (Windows UTF-16) to Unicode UTF-8,
and then wrote the UTF-8 buffer to file.
In this way, I can reopen the file with a text editor, and I can see
the Chinese symbols, too.
(BTW: I wrote "Chinese symbols", but I don't know if they are Chinese
or Japanese or something else from Far East :)

Here's the code main code:

void CTestUnicodeTextDlg::OnBnClickedButton1()
    // Put some Unicode strings in list
    std::vector<CString> FileData;

    // UTF-16
    WORD chineseChars[] =
    FileData.push_back(CString((LPCWSTR) chineseChars));

    // Show strings
    for ( size_t i = 0; i < FileData.size(); i++ )
        m_List.AddString( );

    // Write strings to file

    // *** FAILS ***
    // ...Just writes ANSI...??
    CStdioFile file(
        CFile::modeCreate | CFile::modeWrite | CFile::typeText
    for( size_t i = 0; i < FileData.size(); i++)
        CString line =;
        line += L"\n";
        file.WriteString( line );

    // Save in UTF-8 format
    FILE * fout = _wfopen( L"test_utf8.txt", L"wb" );
    for( size_t i = 0; i < FileData.size(); i++)
        // Put the new line (\r\n)
        CString line(;
        line += L"\r\n";

        // Convert from UTF-16 to UTF-8
        CW2U utf8String( line );

        // Send byte data to output file
        fwrite( (LPSTR) utf8String, 1, strlen(utf8String), fout );
    fout = NULL;


And here's the CW2U converter:

// Class: CW2UEX
// Descr: Convert from Unicode UTF-16 (WideChars) to Unicode UTF-8
template< int t_nBufferLength = 128 >
class CW2UEX
    CW2UEX( LPCWSTR psz ) throw(...) :
        m_psz( m_szBuffer )
        Init( psz );

    ~CW2UEX() throw()
        if( m_psz != m_szBuffer )
            free( m_psz );

    operator LPSTR() const throw()
        return( m_psz );

    void Init( LPCWSTR psz ) throw(...)
        if (psz == NULL)
            m_psz = NULL;
        int nLengthW = lstrlenW( psz )+1;

        // One Unicode UTF-16 character could be converted
        // up to 4 UTF-8 characters
        int nLengthUtf8 = nLengthW * 4;

        if( nLengthUtf8 > t_nBufferLength )
            m_psz = static_cast< LPSTR >( malloc(
                      nLengthUtf8*sizeof( char ) ) );
            if (m_psz == NULL)
                AtlThrow( E_OUTOFMEMORY );

        if (::WideCharToMultiByte( CP_UTF8, 0, psz, nLengthW,
            m_psz, nLengthUtf8, NULL, NULL ) == 0)

    LPSTR m_psz;
    char m_szBuffer[t_nBufferLength];

    CW2UEX( const CW2UEX& ) throw();
    CW2UEX& operator=( const CW2UEX& ) throw();

typedef CW2UEX<> CW2U;



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