Re: Explicitly specializing std::min() on VC++ 2005 Express Edition

"Tom Widmer [VC++ MVP]" <>
Thu, 10 May 2007 18:33:34 +0100
Matthias Hofmann wrote:

"Tom Widmer [VC++ MVP]" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

Matthias Hofmann wrote:

"Tom Widmer [VC++ MVP]" <> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

The problem is that VC2005 is ignoring 5.16/4 (about ?: ):
"If the second and third operands are lvalues and have the same type,
the result is of that type and is an lvalue."

Instead, it is applying the lvalue-to-rvalue conversion (e.g. the
array-to-pointer conversion) to the parts of the ?: expression, and thus
trying to return a pointer where an array is expected.

That's good news, I first thought that there was a bug in my code.

It's been reported and fixed apparently:

I have just downloaded and installed Service Pack 1 for VC++ 2005 Express
Edition, which I found here:

The file I downloaded is named 'VS80sp1-KB926748-X86-INTL.exe'.
Unfortunately, it did not fix the bug, which shouldn't be a surprise, as the
report whose link you provided does not address any issues related to the
conditional operator.

It doesn't? Did you look at the steps to reproduce? The specific error
mentioned there is:
copy_t& D = (epsilon>0) ? (A) : (B); // this does not work

where copy_t is an array type (2D I think), which is essentially the
problem you were having, wasn't it? It's possible they've fixed a
special case of the general error. A simple test case is:

int main()
   int a[1];
   int (&aref)[1] = 1 ? a : a;

That should compile I think, but doesn't on my VC2005, no SP.


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