Re: Get ASCII value for character when higher than 127

MrAsm <>
Tue, 05 Jun 2007 16:02:02 GMT
On Tue, 05 Jun 2007 07:25:22 -0700, wrote:

For a while, I thought everything worked fine, but now I'm running
into a really weird problem. In some cases, the XOR on the '\0'

In addition to what I've written my previous post, I think that your
C++ code may have other problems...

string GetPwdFilePath()
    const char* timeStringFormat = "%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S";
    const size_t timeStringLength = 20;
    char timeString[timeStringLength] = { 0 };
    time_t t = time(0);
    tm *curTime = localtime(&t);
    strftime(timeString, timeStringLength,
        timeStringFormat, curTime);

    string path("C:\\PwdSync\\pwds\\");

This is an error.
timeString is allocated in the stack, not in the heap.
So, you must not 'free' it.

BTW: I've not VC++2005, but I thought that it could prevent such
memory leaks/corruption. Didn't VC++ signaled you anything about that?
(I'm aware that the VC++ software engineers did a great job for the


string GetLogFilePath()




Another invalid 'free' here.


string ObfuscateUnicodeString(LPCWSTR pwszIn, USHORT nLen)
    ostringstream oss;
    oss << right;

    int k = GetNextXORVal(0);
    for(size_t i = 0; i < nLen; ++i)
        int ch = pwszIn[i]^k;
        k = GetNextXORVal(k) ;

        oss << setw(7) << setfill('0') << ch;
    string result = oss.str();
oss.clear() is useless here: ostringstream destructor should clear


void WriteMessage(
    const string& path,
    const string& username,
    const string& password,
    const string& seperator
    ofstream outPwd(path.c_str());


Add std::ios_base::binary as I've written in my previous post.


    outPwd << username << seperator << password ;

 .close() useless here.


     ofstream outPwd(path.c_str(), ios::app);
    if (!outPwd)
        ofstream outPwd(path.c_str(), ios::out );

    outPwd << timeString << " - " << logmsg << username << "\n";


- Add binary flag to ofstream.
- Could remove outPwd.close()
- Must remove free(timeString).


    ULONG RelativeId,
    char *usernameStr;
    usernameStr = (char*)calloc(1, (UserName->Length/2)+1);
    wcstombs(usernameStr, UserName->Buffer, (UserName->Length/2));

I don't trust this code very much...

If you want to know the size of destination buffer and dynamically
allocate it, you should call wcstombs with first parameter NULL, i.e.

 size_t requiredSize = wcstombs(NULL, UserName->Buffer, ...
 char * userNameStr = new char[ requiredSize ];

 // Then release the buffer using delete[]

We are in C++ world, why do you use malloc/calloc instead of new?

Moreover, I would use the safe version wcstombs_s instead of
deprecated wcstombs...


     const string& logpath = GetLogFilePath();

Why the string reference?
Why not just 'const string logpath = ...' ?


     const string& username = ObfuscateUnicodeString(UserName->Buffer,
(UserName->Length /2) + 1);
   const string& password = ObfuscateUnicodeString(Password->Buffer,
(Password->Length /2) + 1);
   const string& seperator = ObfuscateUnicodeString(PSeperator-

Buffer, PSeperator->Length);

   const string& path = GetPwdFilePath();


I don't understand why you use the 'const string &' here instead of
'const string'...



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