Re: Enum plus std::vector questions

David Wilkinson <>
Mon, 16 Jul 2007 10:24:32 -0400
Jack wrote:

I changed the argument from const PFRUIT& a to
FRUIT& a; as the compiler complaint that I couldn't modify a
However, as usual, I still run into the same situation while I need to
convert FRUIT& a => FRUIT* b;
Any help is appreciated!


You just have to learn the syntax for pointers and references.
Programming is not just a series of guesses.

If a is non-const FRUIT&, then you can do

FRUIT* b = &a;

But why are you using pointers at all? References are generally
preferred in C++.

A couple more points:

1. Again, don't use p prefix for non-pointers.

2. You should not really have changed the argument of the method, rather
you should have changed the return type. Eg:

FRUIT CFruitRec::addfruit(const FRUIT& fruit)
   return fruit;

The original fruit is not changed; the method returns a copy. Returning
by value can be expensive, but not for something like your FRUIT enum.

When you pass a non-const reference to a function, there is an
implication that the object will be changed. I doubt you want that here,
so don't do it.

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

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