Re:Mapping of network drives

 sriram bala <>
Mon, 23 Jul 2007 02:08:46 -0700
hey guys, i tried to map a network drive which is in a remote
computer.i have done verything so that it can be do i create
a folder in a remote computer programatically i vc++.i tried this
function but this works only for local folder creation...
BOOL PrepareFolder(CString& Folder)

    int iLength;

    if (!Folder.IsEmpty())
        iLength = Folder.GetLength();
        if (Folder[iLength - 1] != '\\' && Folder[iLength - 1] != '/')
            Folder += '\\';
    if (::GetFileAttributes(Folder) == INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES) //
Doesn't exist?
        if (!::CreateDirectory(Folder, NULL)) // Failed to create the
            SvcDebugOut(_T("Cannot Create Direcotry"));
            return FALSE;
        return TRUE;
    return TRUE;

can anyone temme how to create a folder programmatically because i
want save my files there in thet remote folder in that computer....pls
guys help me out....its very urgent!!!!

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