RE: function template

From: (Charles Wang[MSFT])
Tue, 14 Aug 2007 10:06:10 GMT
Hi Manjree,
I noticed that there was no implementation of your CListCtrlSetup
constructor. Also, I did not see your invoker code snippets. Could you
please post all of them for further research?

I changed your code as following and it worked fine:
#pragma once

ref class CListCtrlSetup
    template<class T> void InsColumn(T& lst, System::Data::DataTable^ table);


template<class T>
void CListCtrlSetup::InsColumn(T& lst, System::Data::DataTable^ table)
     System::Data::DataColumnCollection^ columns = table->Columns;
     System::Data::DataColumn^ column;
     CString str;
     int i, col = columns->Count;
     for(i=0; i<col; i++){
         column = columns[i];
         str = column->ColumnName;
         lst.InsertColumn(i, str);
 catch(System::Exception^ e)
     System::Windows::Forms::MessageBox::Show(e->Message, L".NET Exception

//invoker code snippets
#include "CListCtrlSetup.h"
                CMyListView vv;
    CListCtrl& lst = vv.GetListCtrl();
    CListCtrlSetup^ s = gcnew CListCtrlSetup();
    System::Data::DataTable^ t = gcnew System::Data::DataTable("test");

You may refer to my code snippets to see if it can help you resove this
issue. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let
me know.

Best regards,
Charles Wang
Microsoft Online Community Support
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your newsreader so that others may learn and benefit
from this issue.
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