Re: Can I remove the System Menu Icon from the MDI menubar

"Tom Serface" <>
Fri, 7 Sep 2007 08:15:02 -0700
I never do this, but I'd guess you could do it in mainframe.cpp in the
PreCreateWindow() function with something like:

BOOL CMainFrame::PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs)
// What ever styles you want



"reddyk" <reddyknospamalias@nospam.nospam> wrote in message

   I am working with a standard MDI window application. I want to remove
the System menu and its icon from the top left most corner of the title
from the MDI child windows. I want to retain the maximize/minmize/close
are displayed on the right side of the title bar.

With the help of this, , I
able to turn off the system menu icon and also retain the
maximize/minimize/close on the MDI child windows.

The issue is if you maximize the child window, Windows add the System Menu
along with a default icon to the MDI Main window's menu bar. You can see
at the top left corner of the menu bar. Is there a way that I can turn off
the System menu and its icon that gets displayed in the menubar when the
child window is maximized?

Thanks in advance,

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