VC6 -> VC2005 conversion problem

Philippe <>
Fri, 11 Jan 2008 09:19:42 +0100

I'm converting my project from VC++6 to VC++2005.
among many compilation errors now solved, that one is stucking me :

I have that template :

template <class T>
class TLineApproximator
    //! \name Structures and typedefs
    //! 2D homogenous point
    struct SHomog
        SHomog(T _x=0, T _y=0, T _w=1) { x=_x; y=_y; w=_w;};
        T x;
        T y;
        T w;

    //! 2D point
    struct SPoint
        SPoint(T _x=0, T _y=0) { x=_x; y=_y;};
        static void CrossProduct( const SPoint& p, const SPoint& q, SHomog& r)
            r.w = p.x * q.y - p.y * q.x;
            r.x = - q.y + p.y;
            r.y = q.x - p.x;

        static T DotProduct( const SPoint& p, const SHomog& q)
            return q.w + p.x*q.x + p.y*q.y;

        static T DotProduct( const SPoint& p, const SPoint& q)
            return p.x*q.x + p.y*q.y;

        static void LinComb( T a, const SPoint& p, T b, const SPoint& q,
SPoint& r)
            r.x = a * p.x + b * q.x;
            r.y = a * p.y + b * q.y;

        T x;
        T y;

    //! Internal limit structure
    struct SLimits
        T dMinX;
        T dMaxX;
        T dMinY;
        T dMaxY;
        T GetCenterX() { return (dMaxX+dMinX)/2.0;};
        T GetCenterY() { return (dMaxX+dMinX)/2.0;};
        T GetWidth() { return dMaxX-dMinX;};
        T GetHeight() { return dMaxY-dMinY;};

    //! points container
    typedef typename std::vector<SPoint> PointContainer;
    //! Key containers
    typedef typename std::list<PointContainer> KeyContainer;

    //! \name Constructor
    TLineApproximator(): m_dTol(0), m_bNormalization(true)

    //! \name Point handling
    //! returns number of points
    UINT GetPointSize() const { return m_cPoints.size();};
    //! sets the points as copy of the vectors
    void SetPoints( const std::vector<T>& vX, const std::vector<T>& vY);
    //! return vector of points
    PointContainer& GetPoints() { return m_cPoints;};
    //! return vector of points, const
    const PointContainer& GetPoints() const { return m_cPoints;};

    //! \name Key handling
    //! returns number of keys
    UINT GetKeySize() const { return m_cKeys.size();};
    //! return keys
    KeyContainer& GetKeys() { return m_cKeys;};
    //! return keys, const
    const KeyContainer& GetKeys() const { return m_cKeys;};
    //! fill vectors with keys
    void GetKeys( std::vector<T>& vX, std::vector<T>& vY);

    //! \name Tolerance
    //! sets the tolerance
    void SetTol( double dTol) { m_dTol = __max( dTol, 0);};
    //! return current tolerance
    double GetTol() const { return m_dTol;};

    //! \name Normalization
    //! enabled, disable normalization
    void SetNormalization( bool bEnabled = true) { m_bNormalization = true;};
    //! returns true if normalizing
    bool IsNormalization() const { return m_bNormalization;};

    //! \name Simplification functions
    //! Initialize simplification
    void ClearKeys() { m_cKeys.clear();};
    //! Compute the keys
    void Simplify();
    /*! Shrink to compression level

    \param dScale scaling to apply [0...1]
    \param dScaleTol [optional] tolerance with respect to dScale, default
is 0.05
    \param nMaxIter [optional] maximum number of iterations, default is 250
    \return number of estimations
    UINT ShrinkNorm( double dScale, double dScaleTol = 0.05, UINT nMaxIter
= 250);

    /*! Shrink to a specified number of points

    \param n desired number of points in the approximate curve
    \param nTol [optional] tolerance with respect to n, default is 10
    \param nMaxIter [optional] maximum number of iterations, default is 250
    \return number of estimations
    UINT Shrink( UINT nDesiredPoints, UINT nTol = 10, UINT nMaxIter = 250);

    //! \name Helper functions
    //! compute the bounding box
    void ComputeBoundingBox();

    //! return the point bounding box
    const SLimits& GetBoundingBox() const { return m_limits;};

    /*! Point normalization

     Let $(x_i,y_i)$, the original points and $(\hat x_x, \hat y_i)$ the
normalized points:
     \hat x_i = \frac{x_i - \bar x]}{\max_i (x_i-x_j)}
    where $\bar x, \bar y$ denote respectively the mean value of the $x_i$
and $y_i$.

    \sa DeNormalizePoints
    void NormalizePoints();

    /*! \brief Roll back normalization

    \sa NormalizePoints
    void DeNormalizePoints();

    //! \name Virtual functions
    virtual void ComputeKeys() { ClearKeys();};

    double m_dTol;
    bool m_bNormalization;
    PointContainer m_cPoints;
    KeyContainer m_cKeys;
    SLimits m_limits;

inside, you can see the SPoint structure and its x and y members.

the faulty code is :

void CPGLLine2DLOD::PlotLineStripGfx(gfxinterface::CGfxInterface& gfx)
    const LODLine::KeyContainer& kc= m_hull.GetKeys();
    LODLine::KeyContainer::const_iterator it;
    UINT i;
    double* pX=new double[kc.size()];
    double* pY=new double[kc.size()];
    for (it=kc.begin(), i=0; it!=kc.end();it++, i++)
              // line (174) in error
        pX[i] = (*it)->x;
              // idem
        pY[i] = (*it)->y;


I get that compilation error :

c:\program files\microsoft visual studio
2005\vc\pgl\pglline2dlod.cpp(174) : error C2819: type 'std::vector<_Ty>'
does not have an overloaded member 'operator ->'
did you intend to use '.' instead?
c:\program files\microsoft visual studio
2005\vc\pgl\pglline2dlod.cpp(174) : error C2039: 'x' : is not a member
of 'std::vector<_Ty>'

Strange, it compiled perfectly under VC6 and it's now faulty under VC2005
What norm change is responsible with that error and how to correct it ?

Any idea ?
Thanks in advance


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