Re: How to substitute CPrintDialogEx for CPrintDialog?

Dan Bloomquist <>
Thu, 27 Mar 2008 22:03:15 GMT
Gaute wrote:

Before Vista the CPageSetupDialog had a button for printer selection:

I looked at Notepad in Vista and I think it uses the newer CPrintDialogEx
that let us switch printer without printing by using the Apply button in the
Print dialog.

I want to do the same in my application but it seems very hard to make MFC
use the newer CPrintDialogEx with the Apply button. I found this 4,5 year
old thread discussing this:

Is there a solution now? (I can use the latest MFC version if it helps)

Like the link says, the MFC printing loop operates with the old dialog.
I have a global, BOOL DoPreparePrinting( CPrintInfo* pInfo ) that I can
call from from the view member. In pInfo->m_lpUserData I have a
CPrintDialogEx created on the heap. In this call I take care of
associating the data between the the new dialog and the old.

I'll post below. Where the dialog is run you can handle an 'apply -
cancel' and grab the new printer name.

Best, Dan.

BOOL DoPreparePrinting( CPrintInfo* pInfo )
    ASSERT(pInfo != NULL);
    ASSERT(pInfo->m_pPD != NULL);

    if (pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.nMinPage > pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.nMaxPage)
        pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.nMaxPage = pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.nMinPage;

    CWinApp* pApp = AfxGetApp();

    pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.nFromPage = (WORD)pInfo->GetMinPage( );
    pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.nToPage = (WORD)pInfo->GetMaxPage( );

    CPrintInfoEx* pExInfo= static_cast< CPrintInfoEx* >( pInfo->m_lpUserData );
    ASSERT_VALID( pExInfo->pPrintDialog );

    CPRINTDIALOGEX& dlg= *pExInfo->pPrintDialog;

    dlg.m_hWndOwner= *AfxGetMainWnd( );
    dlg.m_pdex.nCopies= 1;
    dlg.m_pdex.nMinPage= (WORD)pInfo->GetMinPage( );
    dlg.m_pdex.nMaxPage= (WORD)pInfo->GetMaxPage( );
    dlg.m_pdex.lpPageRanges= &pExInfo->printRange.front( );
    dlg.m_pdex.Flags&= ~( PD_NOPAGENUMS /*| PD_NOPAGENUMS*/ );
    dlg.m_pdex.nMaxPageRanges= pExInfo->printRange.size( );

    if( ! pInfo->m_bPreview )
        INT_PTR response= dlg.DoModal( );
        if( response != S_OK || dlg.m_pdex.dwResultAction != PD_RESULT_PRINT )
            return FALSE; // do not print
    else if( pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.hDC == NULL )
        // call CreatePrinterDC if DC was not created by above
        HDC hDC= dlg.CreatePrinterDC( );
        if( hDC == NULL )
            return FALSE;
        pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.hDC= hDC;

    ASSERT( dlg.m_pdex.hDC );
    if( ! dlg.m_pdex.hDC )
        return FALSE;

    pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.hDC= dlg.m_pdex.hDC;
    pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.nFromPage= (int)dlg.m_pdex.nMinPage;
    pInfo->m_pPD->m_pd.nToPage= (int)dlg.m_pdex.nMaxPage;

    pInfo->m_nNumPreviewPages = pApp->m_nNumPreviewPages;
    VERIFY( pInfo->m_strPageDesc.LoadString(AFX_IDS_PREVIEWPAGEDESC ) );
    return TRUE;

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