Re: CString ... are 'they' nuts?

".rhavin grobert" <>
Thu, 5 Feb 2009 11:57:10 -0800 (PST)
On 4 Feb., 18:13, ".rhavin grobert" <> wrote:

that leads me to the question: can i derive from CString if the only
thing i do is overload the operator=()...

My solution...

class CQString : public CString
    // overloaded contructors refer to baseclass
    inline CQString() {};
    inline CQString(const CString& stringSrc) : CString(stringSrc) {};
    inline CQString(LPCTSTR lpsz) : CString(lpsz) {};

  #ifdef _UNICODE
    inline CQString(LPCSTR lpsz) : CString(lpsz) {};
    inline CQString(LPCWSTR lpsz) : CString(lpsz) {};

    // additional constructor for resource-id's
    inline CQString(UINT nRscID) {LoadString(nRscID);};

    // destructor does nothing
    virtual inline ~CQString() {};

    // the only real overload, we need to check for ResourceID
    const CQString& operator=(LPCTSTR lpsz);

// the only real overload, we need to check for ResourceID
const CQString& CQString::operator=(LPCTSTR lpsz)
    if (lpsz != NULL && HIWORD(lpsz) == NULL)
        UINT nID = LOWORD((DWORD)lpsz);
        if (!LoadString(nID))
            TRACE1("Warning: implicit LoadString(%u) failed\n", nID);
        return *this;
    ASSERT(lpsz == NULL || AfxIsValidString(lpsz));
    AssignCopy(SafeStrlen(lpsz), lpsz);
    return *this;

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