c2027:Use of undefined type 'T'

8 May 2006 10:03:53 -0700

I am getting the error C2027:Use of undefined type 'T' when I tried to
compile some code in visual c++7.1 that went fine in Visual c++6.0.

Below is the relevant code where the error has come.
template <class T>
class MCS_PersistentList
/* typedef std::list<T> List;*/
   typedef std::list<class T> List;/*above line modified to the current
line to resolve C2146*/
   typedef List::iterator iterator;
   typedef List::const_iterator const_iterator;

class MCS_ADH_Device_Cfg

int deviceNum;

typedef MCS_PersistentList<MCS_ADH_Device_Cfg> ADH_ConfigFile;

ADH_ConfigFile::iterator it;
int x = it->deviceNum;<------Error points to this line

Any kind of help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Rohini Chandra

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