Re: Strange crash.. class or vector problem

"Sgt. York" <>
Wed, 14 Jun 2006 10:36:50 -0700
For some reason, Joe, this seems to be a very pervasive problem in this

Programs transition from a running state to a state that violates the
constraints of the operating system, and that state is generally full of
information concerning the exact violation (especially within a
debugger). As a developer, it is your job to explore that state and
find the problem. If you are still confused at that point, then hit
this newsgroup. There are some extremely bright people here (myself
excluded) who can help with such problems, and it's best to use them
when all else fails, mostly out of respect for the fact they are doing
this for free.

I hope I said that constructively.

Joseph M. Newcomer wrote:

Perhaps you could explain what a "crash" is...the term is meaningless. There is ALWAYS a
VERY SPECIFIC message explaining what went wrong, and without that message, it is
impossible to guess what went wrong.

On 14 Jun 2006 07:09:00 -0700, "hamishd" <> wrote:

Hi. I declare the following 2 classes:

class TestB
    virtual ~TestB(){};

    int i;
    int j;
    int k;

class TestA
    virtual ~TestA();

    std::vector<double> A;
    std::vector<double> B;
    std::vector<int> C;
               std::vector<TestB> D; //line 1
    std::vector<int> E; //line 2

When I go:

int x = 0;

the program crashes.

However, if I swap over line 2 and line 1, no crash ?!?

Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
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