Re: Operator conversions?

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Tue, 4 Jul 2006 21:11:02 -0700

Sorry Igor, I plan to take on templates later this summer...or immediately
as soon as I get the chance....

Hey, but I will keep this sample and take a look at it later on, and thanks
for your

Your sample is much appreciated!

Best regards

"Igor Tandetnik" wrote:

"Robby" <> wrote in message

Please consider the following code:
bool components::returnConnectionType(int i_MemLoc1, int i_MemLoc2,
                                        TCHAR *szOperator, int iCF1,
int iCF2, IO *io ) const
bool bReturnV = false;

if(iCF1 == -77 && iCF2 == -77) {
   if (io->getINT_INTERNAL_VALUE_IMT(i_MemLoc1) == //Always use the
       "==" io->getINT_INTERNAL_VALUE_IMT(i_MemLoc2))
         bReturnV = true; else bReturnV = false; }

else if (iCF1 >= 0 && iCF2 == -77) {
   if (i_MemLoc1 == io->getINT_INTERNAL_VALUE_IMT(i_MemLoc2)) //Use
         "==" bReturnV = true; else bReturnV = false; }

//else if repeated seven more times.....

... other code ....

return bReturnV;

the "else if" continues for another seven times and it must always
use the "==" operator for every nested "if" line.

My problem is that, I need the same 9 "else if's" satements for all
the other operators such as "<=", ">=", "<", ">" and so forth.....

Try something like this:

template <typename Pred>
bool components::returnConnectionType(
    int i_MemLoc1, int i_MemLoc2, int iCF1, int iCF2, IO *io,
    Pred pred) const
    bool bReturnV;
    if(iCF1 == -77 && iCF2 == -77) {
        bReturnV = pred(
    } else if {...}

c.returnConnectionType(..., std::equal<int>());
c.returnConnectionType(..., std::greater<int>());
c.returnConnectionType(..., std::less<int>());
c.returnConnectionType(..., std::greater_equal<int>());

With best wishes,
    Igor Tandetnik

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