Re: Thread deadlock misery

"Ben Voigt" <rbv@nospam.nospam>
Tue, 13 Mar 2007 12:49:21 -0500
"Tamas Demjen" <> wrote in message

Ben Voigt wrote:

  std::vector< char > buffer( pATFP->TFP.size );
  WSABUF wsaBuf = { pATFP->TFP.size, &buffer.front() };

I don't know if that's guaranteed to be contiguous memory

Stroustrup suggests that it is contiguous. Interesting discussion here:

The original standard didn't explicitly state contiguity, but it has been
corrected since then, and now it is an explicit guarantee. Besides, there
is no known implementation of vector where memory is not contiguous.

, better to use:

std::auto_ptr buffer = new char[TFP.size];

This works with every compiler that I tried, but strictly speaking, it's
not correct. auto_ptr calls delete, not delete [], and therefore it is not
guaranteed to work. I personally use boost::scoped_array, it's extremely
lightweight and is guaranteed to be correct:

boost::scoped_ptr<char> buffer(new char[size]);

I think its c'tor is explicit, you can't use assignment there.

You're right about that. scoped_array is much better. Wouldn't your use of
scoped_ptr suffer the same problem as auto_ptr?


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