Re: std::vector : begin, end and insert - Using Objects instead of ints

"Tom Serface" <>
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 06:41:28 -0700
OK, now that paste is difficult to read :o)


"Nobody" <> wrote in message


std::vector<CPoint> m_Pts;

CPoint Pt(2, 4);

// Fill Collection
for (UINT i = 1; i < 11; i++) { CPoint Pt; Pt.x = i; Pt.y = i;
m_Pts.push_back(Pt); }
// at : Returns a reference to the element at a specified location in
for (UINT i = 0; i < 10; i++) { CPoint& rPt =; TRACE("Pt[%d]
Pt.x %d, Pt.y %d\n", i, rPt.x, rPt.y); }
// begin : A random-access iterator addressing the first element in
thevector or // to the location succeeding an empty vector. You
should alwayscompare // the value returned with vector::end to
ensure it is valid. // // end : A random-access iterator to the end of the
vector object. Youshould // compare the value returned to
vector::begin to ensure it is valid. //
m_Pts.resize(20); std::vector<CPoint>::const_iterator m_cIter; //
*c1_cIter = 200; Error. c1_cIter is constant. m_cIter = m_Pts.begin();
TRACE("Position of Iterator: %d\n", *m_cIter);
std::vector<CPoint>::iterator m_Iter; m_Iter = m_Pts.begin();
TRACE("Position of Iterator: %d\n", *m_Iter); m_Iter = m_Pts.end();
TRACE("Position of Iterator: %d\n", *m_Iter); *m_Iter = 10;
TRACE("Position of Iterator: %d\n", *m_Iter); for (UINT i = 0; i <
m_Pts.size(); i++) { CPoint& rPt =; TRACE("Pt[%d] Pt.x %d,
Pt.y %d\n", i, rPt.x, rPt.y); } for(m_Iter = m_Pts.begin(); m_Iter <
m_Pts.end(); m_Iter++) { CPoint& pt =*m_Iter); TRACE("Pt[%d]
Pt.x %d, Pt.y %d\n", pt.x, pt.y); }

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