RE: removing more than 1 items from the STL set

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Thu, 10 May 2007 23:34:00 -0700

Use std::set::erase( value_ref_to_remove );

std::set<CString>::iterator itr = remotenodeip.begin();

while (itr != cset.end())
    CString ip_addr = *itr;
    CString result = PeerLookup(ip_addr);

         std::set<CString>::iterator itr2 = itr;
         ++ itr2;
         remotenodeip.erase(*itr); // after this call itr is invalid
         itr = itr2; // recover itr to its next position
    else {
         ++ itr;


"kunal s patel" wrote:

Hi all,

I have a set which contains a bunch of ip address. Now my application tries
to connect to that ip address and if the connection fails then it removes
that ip address from the set("stale ip")......Now how do i achieve this???

Here is the loop

set<CString>::iterator itr = remotenodeip.begin();

while(itr != remotenodeip.end())
   CString ip_addr = *itr;
   CString result = PeerLookup(ip_addr);


      //Remove that ip address from the set


Now i dont understand how do i remove the ip address from the set (Commented

Kunal S Patel

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