Re: CDynamicAccessor and database row number problem

MrAsm <>
Wed, 30 May 2007 18:03:39 GMT
On 30 May 2007 09:27:21 -0700, wrote:

Snippet looks like that:

Even if the main problem is the while loop condition, you might also
consider the following notes, if you want:

               CString path = "D:\\temp\\dbase.mdb";

Better decorating the string with _T(""):

  CString path = _T("D:\\...");

So, it will compile in both Ansi and Unicode builds.

               if(SUCCEEDED(hr)) ;

                       err = TRUE;

You may want to simplify a bit your code, like this:

  if ( FAILED( hr ) )
     // Error
     AfxMessageBox( _T("Error ...explain..."), MB_ICONEXCLAMATION );

     // Your error flag
     err = TRUE;

You might also want to load the error string from string table in
resources, using an ID for the error string (this will make
localization easier); see AfxMessageBox description for more info.

IMHO, it is more clear than

  if ( SUCCEEDED( hr ) ) ;

                       float *tabflend;
                       tabflend = new float[cmd.GetColumnCount()-1];

You might consider std::valarray<float> or std::vector<float> here,
insted of the C++ operator new[].

  std::vector< float > tabflend();
  tabflend.resize( cmd.GetColumnCount() - 1 );

In this way, you won't need the "delete [] tabflend;" (you may forget
to delete[] in more complex code).


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