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Wed, 18 Jul 2007 07:50:03 -0700
"David Wilkinson" wrote:

David++ wrote:


I've been spoiled with C# and the easy to use string functions. Now I'm into
a bit of C++ for writing a custom action for a DLL to be incorporated into an
MSI installer. Yikes.

What I'm basically doing is getting the Product Key from the
MsiGetProperty() function, like this -

DWORD dwPath;
dwPath = sizeof(szPidKey) / sizeof(TCHAR);

MsiGetProperty(hInstall, TEXT("PIDKEY"), szPidKey, &dwPath);

So I have my Product ID in szPidKey. Now I want to do some manual
verification of it. The Product ID is of the form -


I need to verify this code so I need access to the beginning part
(123456789) and the end part (12). So I'm looking for a way to substring out
those parts of the string. I'm also looking to convert those substrings into
integer or long data type so i can do some checking on them, is it ok to use
itoa to do that?

Thanks very much for any hints.


I think you meant atoi(). For TCHAR strings you should use _ttoi().
Generally, if you look up any 'char' function like atoi() in the MSDN
help, you will find the corresponding 'TCHAR' function also.

You could also do

typedef std::basic_istringstream<TCHAR> tistringstream;

if you like to use C++ streams.

David Wilkinson
Visual C++ MVP

Hi David,

Thanks for your quick response! Well spotted, indeed I meant atoi() ;-] I'll
have a browse over to those functions right away. They will probably be a lot
neater than my hand cooked attempt -

TCHAR szLicence[10] = {0};
TCHAR szSum[3] = {0};

for(int i=0; i<9; i++)
    szLicence[i] = szPidKey[i];
    szLicence[9] = '\0';

szSum[0] = szPidKey[15];
szSum[1] = szPidKey[16];
szSum[2] = '\0';

MessageBox(NULL, szLicence, TEXT("Key"), MB_OK);
MessageBox(NULL, szSum, TEXT("Key"), MB_OK);

Thanks again,

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