Re: std::vector subscript out of range

"David Webber" <>
Wed, 18 Jul 2007 16:35:47 +0100
"Jack" <> wrote in message

I really think I have to get a C++ book.... but let me ask one more


Code Snippet
  std::string name;

    std::vector<FRUIT> fruitarr;
} fruittab;

std::string a;
fruittab.fruitarr[i].name = a;

the variable of i is 0 when called, but it returns vector subscript out of
range error

Yes. What do you expect? You have an array with nothing in it. So when
you try to edit the 1st entry, it isn't there.

I suppose, "Put something in there before you bloody well try and edit it!"
might be a more friendly message than "Subscript out of range". (But then
I like my friend's GPS machine which talks like Yoda - there's no accounting
for taste.)

David Webber
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