Re: try/catch behaviour with SEH (VC++ 8)

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Fri, 07 Sep 2007 13:05:07 +0200
Aurelien Regat-Barrel wrote:

     void test()
             int *p = 0;
             *p = 0;
         catch ( ... )
             std::cout << "Catched in C++ handler!\n";

FYI: the past tense of 'catch' is 'caught' - stupid English irregular

Now, the code above doesn't throw a C++ exception so the catch(...) handler
should never be invoked. Under VC though, such program faults can be mapped
to C++ exceptions which is why it works in the first place.

     int main()
         __except( EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION == GetExceptionCode() )
             std::cout << "Catched in SEH handler!\n";
         return 0;

outputs "Catched in C++ handler!" if compiled with VC++ 6 - okay. But
VC++ Express 2005 SP1 warns about unreachable code in the catch(...)
block (warning C4702), and the compiled program outputs "Catched in SEH

I guess VC knows that the code will never throw a C++ exception and thus
emits the warning. VC8 has a few flags that control the exception
behaviour. Which compiler flags (/EHsc or /EHa) do you use?


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