Re: ambiguous overloaded function.

"" <>
Sat, 8 Dec 2007 09:30:56 -0800 (PST)
On Dec 7, 11:11 am, "Alex Blekhman" <> wrote:

<> wrote:

How do you declare `MultiLayerNeuron'?

MyAnn::multiLayerExample<double, std::vector>::mapInOut

So show the declaration of `multiLayerExample' template and
provide concise example that can be compiled. Otherwise,
your code works perfectly for me.


this is inside trainexample.hpp.
    * trait class for multilayer example
    * members:
    * mapInOut represent each indivdual examples
    * key: CONT<T>, value: CONT<T>
   template <typename T,
         template <typename ELEM, typename = std::allocator<ELEM> >
         class CONT
   class multiLayerExample
         typedef CONT<T> vecT;
         typedef typename std::map<CONT<vecT>, vecT> mapInOut;

Both backprogation.hpp and backpropagation.cpp includes
trainexample.hpp with external include guards.

    #include "trainexample.hpp"

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