Re: Invalid pointer

=?Utf-8?B?dGhlamFja29mYWxs?= <>
Mon, 7 Jan 2008 11:43:01 -0800
Really? I've used the cast from an example. I want to use std::string
because it is more flexible than CString. When I parse and extract data from
a XML file, it gives me _bstr_t type. From _bstr_t, how can I safely convert
to string?

Appreciate much.
Be Cool!

"Giovanni Dicanio" wrote:

"thejackofall" <> ha scritto nel

Here is my constructor and the rest. I am really puzzled about this.

#include "InsertDependency.h"

_ID = "";
_MustBeforeLink = "";

InsertDependency::InsertDependency(string ID, string MustBeforeLink)
_ID = ID;
_MustBeforeLink = MustBeforeLink;

Is 'string' the std::string?

In your first post in the thread you wrote:

InsertDependency* pInsertDependency = new InsertDependency((LPCTSTR) ID,
(LPCTSTR) MustBeforeLink);

in this case the LPCTSTR cast is wrong.

If you want LPCTSTR strings, you may consider using CString from ATL/MFC
instead of std::string...

string& InsertDependency::GetID()
return (_ID);

I would define a const GetXxxx method, e.g.

  LPCTSTR InsertDependency::GetID() const
      return ((LPCTSTR) _ID); // assume "CString _ID" data member

If you want to modify the string values, you can implement a separate
SetXxxxx method.


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