Re: How to read Unicode(Big-Endian) text file(s) in Non-MFC

"meme" <>
Wed, 20 Feb 2008 19:00:26 +0530
"Ulrich Eckhardt" <> wrote in message

meme wrote:

WORD GetBigWord(FILE *FilePtr)
    register WORD word;

    word = (WORD) (fgetc(FilePtr) & 0xff);
    word = ((WORD) (fgetc(FilePtr) & 0xff)) | (word << 0x08);


Sorry, but I can't help myself saying something about this code:
1. assert(FilePtr);
2. Forget about 'register', the compiler does a much better job allocating
registers to temporaries.
3. This completely fails when the file reaches EOF.
4. I would read two bytes from the stream (checking for errors, of course)
and then combine those two bytes to an integer.
5. Return is not a function, no brackets needed.
6. Initialise variables rather than declaring them and then assigning to

Yes... you are right.

 wchar_t *data = new wchar_t[flen + 1];

Don't do this. In C++, use

 std::vector<wchar_t> data(flen+1);

Please see my reply to "Giovanni Dicanio"

This is broken by design. Always, when reading something, first perform
read operations and then, before using the data, verify that reading
actually succeeded! If the size of the file is odd, you will happily read
single byte and mix in EOF and interpret that as last character of your

- Reading large amounts of data in small steps in inefficient.
- In C++, never use C-style casts.

Yes.... I have changed it with "Giovanni Dicanio"'s help.

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