Re: Copy Constructors and Assignment Operator, When should I use?

rockdale <>
Mon, 3 Mar 2008 08:54:29 -0800 (PST)

Erasing an element from a vector invalidates the all iterators after
the erased element, so the above is incorrect.

I read about this.

But when I call this function :
void removeFstItem(){
                        std::vector<ItemB>::iterator vecItr;
                        for(vecItr = m_vecB.begin();
                                vecItr != m_vecB.end();
                                        if(vecItr->bInt == 1){

I still can write out the rest elements (in this case, they should be
all invalidate), is it because I erase one element and then returned?
any explanation on this?

One way to do it would

   std::vector<ItemB>::iterator itend =
             std::remove_if(m_vecB.begin(), m_vecB.end(),
                                         <condition that checks if
remove needed>
   m_vecB.erase(itend, m_vecB.end());

<condition that checks if remove needed> is a function or a function
object. That would be coded as:

bool needRemove(const ItemB& item)
      //check if item eligible for remove
      //if yes, return true
      //otherwise, return false


I tried the remove_if and googled remove_if
2 problems:

1. I got compiled error : remove_if is not a member of "std"
2. what should I passed into the needRemove function?
 std::vector<ItemB>::iterator itend =std::remove_if(m_vecB.begin(),
m_vecB.end(), needRemove(???));

thanks a lot

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