Re: Loading numbered files in sequence

"Giovanni Dicanio" <>
Wed, 23 Apr 2008 18:40:41 +0200
"Giff" <> ha scritto nel messaggio

Now, however, I don't seem to be able to make them read some files in
the right order. The files are named something like CCC_NNN_NNNNNN.ext
where C are letters and N numbers. The last sequence of numbers tells
me the order in which to read the files (not necessarily starting from
0) but _findnext() does not seem to care and loads the files in a
different order.

Any ideas on how to have the job done the right way?

As general guidelines, I agree with what others wrote.

You may find here a sample C++ code that I would use (compiled fine on

Note that AfxMessageBox is an MFC function to display text in message-boxes,
remove that and substitute with whatever you want.

I used std::vector as container of CString's (I like CString class).

I also used std::sort for sorting algorithm (defining a custom compare
function, named "FileNameLesser, which does sorting basing only on last 6
numbers of file names NNNNNN - I'm not sure if that is what you asked in
your original post... if not, you can just modify the implementation of

I used _tfindfirst instead of findfirst, to make code Unicode-aware (it
compiled fine in VS2008 default Unicode builds).

There are comments in the code, to explain things.



// Returns whether first filename string is lesser than the second,
// basing on custom sorting method.
bool FileNameLesser( const CString & filename1, const CString & filename2 )
    // Strings are in this format:
    // CCC_NNN_NNNNNN.ext
    // 012345678 <-- start position for CString.Mid = 8
    // ****** <-- count for CString.Mid = 6
    // Sort based on last sequence of numbers: NNNNNN

    // Extract the sorting-numbers (substring) from original strings
    CString pos1 = filename1.Mid(8, 6);
    CString pos2 = filename2.Mid(8, 6);

    // Compare the sorting numbers of each string
    return ( pos1 < pos2 );

// Filenames Sorting Test
void SortTest()
    // Where to find files
    CString fileSpec = _T("I:\\Test\\*.txt");

    // Init find job
    _tfinddata_t fileInfo;
    intptr_t findHandle = _tfindfirst( fileSpec, &fileInfo );
    if ( findHandle == -1 )
        // No file or error...
        // ...
        // ...

        AfxMessageBox( _T("No file or error...") );

    // Will store file names in vector<CString> container
    typedef std::vector<CString> StringList;
    StringList fileNames;

    // Find loop
        // Add file name to file name list
        fileNames.push_back( );

    } while ( _tfindnext( findHandle, &fileInfo ) == 0 );

    // Close find job
    _findclose( findHandle );

    // Sort the string in the array - using custom sorting
    std::sort( fileNames.begin(), fileNames.end(), FileNameLesser );

    // Do whatever on sorted filename strings:
    // - just display them here
    CString sortedFileNames;
    for ( size_t i = 0; i < fileNames.size(); i++ )
        sortedFileNames +=;
        sortedFileNames += CString(_T("\n") );
    AfxMessageBox( sortedFileNames );





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