Re: How can I enumerate directory content in MFC?

"Giovanni Dicanio" <>
Mon, 26 May 2008 09:45:31 +0200
"Electronic75" <> ha scritto nel

have to list directory
content and then look for names.

You may consider the following simple code I developed.
The function ListFilesInDirectory takes as input the directory path, and
returns the list of files in the directory (using std::vector as a container
for filenames).

You can use like this:


  CString directory = _T("C:\\SomeData");
  std::vector< CString > filenames;

  ListFilesInDirectory( directory, filenames );

  // filenames contain the list of files in input directory


ListFilesInDirectory implementation follows:


// Given a directory pathname, returns the list of files (full pathname)
// present in that directory. The returned list can be empty, if the
// directory is empty.
// Note - subdirectories:
// ----------------------
// If there are subdirectories under specified directory, they are
// ignored by this function.
// Note - vector:
// --------------
// The file path list is returned in a std::vector container, so
// <vector> STL header must be #included in StdAfx.h.
void ListFilesInDirectory(
    LPCTSTR dirName,
    std::vector< CString > & filepaths )
    // Check input parameters
    ASSERT( dirName != NULL );

    // Clear filename list

    // Object to enumerate files
    CFileFind finder;

    // Build a string using wildcards *.*,
    // to enumerate content of a directory
    CString wildcard( dirName );
    wildcard += _T("\\*.*");

    // Init the file finding job
    BOOL working = finder.FindFile( wildcard );

    // For each file that is found:
    while ( working )
        // Update finder status with new file
        working = finder.FindNextFile();

        // Skip '.' and '..'
        if ( finder.IsDots() )

        // Skip sub-directories
        if ( finder.IsDirectory() )

        // Add file path to container
        filepaths.push_back( finder.GetFilePath() );

    // Cleanup file finder



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