Re: CListView with checkbox problem

=?Utf-8?B?OTc2MTI=?= <>
Tue, 17 Feb 2009 21:59:00 -0800
//*********** code *************//
unsigned long _stdcall RunLoadThumbnailThread( LPVOID lpParam )
    int nIndex = 0;
    std::vector<CString>::iterator iter;

    CThumbView *pView = (CThumbView*)lpParam;
    CePhotoSyncDoc *pDoc = (CePhotoSyncDoc*)pView->GetDocument();

    CListCtrl& ListCtrl = pView->GetListCtrl();
    CImageList *pImgList = &pView->m_ImageListThumb;

    int iImageCount = pImgList->GetImageCount();

    for( int i=0; i < iImageCount; i++ )

    pImgList->SetImageCount( pDoc->m_vFileName.size() );

    ListCtrl.SetRedraw( FALSE );

    for( iter = pDoc->m_vFileName.begin();
        iter != pDoc->m_vFileName.end() && pView->m_bTerminate != TRUE;
        iter++, nIndex++ )
          HBITMAP hbmReturn = NULL;
          Bitmap *bmPhoto = NULL;
   CBitmap Bmp1;
          ListCtrl.InsertItem( nIndex, *iter, nIndex );
          CString path; path.Empty();
          path.Format( _T("%s\\%s"), pDoc->m_strCurrentDirectory, *iter);
          Bitmap image( path.AllocSysString() );
          int sourceWidth = image.GetWidth();
          int sourceHeight = image.GetHeight();

          int destX = 0, destY = 0;
          float nPercent = 0;
          float nPercentW = ((float)THUMBNAIL_WIDTH/(float)sourceWidth);;
          float nPercentH = ((float)THUMBNAIL_HEIGHT/(float)sourceHeight);
          if(nPercentH < nPercentW)
              nPercent = nPercentH;
              destX = (int)((THUMBNAIL_WIDTH - (sourceWidth * nPercent))/2);
              nPercent = nPercentW;
              destY = (int)((THUMBNAIL_HEIGHT - (sourceHeight * nPercent))/2);
          int destWidth = (int)(sourceWidth * nPercent);
          int destHeight = (int)(sourceHeight * nPercent);
          bmPhoto = new Bitmap( THUMBNAIL_WIDTH, THUMBNAIL_HEIGHT,
PixelFormat24bppRGB );
          bmPhoto->SetResolution( image.GetHorizontalResolution(),
image.GetVerticalResolution() );
          Graphics *grPhoto = Graphics::FromImage( bmPhoto );
          Color colorW(255, 255, 255, 255);
          grPhoto->Clear( colorW );
          grPhoto->SetInterpolationMode( InterpolationModeHighQualityBicubic );
          grPhoto->DrawImage( &image, Rect(destX, destY, destWidth, destHeight) );
          bmPhoto->GetHBITMAP( colorW, &hbmReturn );
          Bmp1.Attach( hbmReturn );
          pImgList->Replace( nIndex, &Bmp1, NULL );
          delete grPhoto;
          delete bmPhoto;
          DeleteObject( hbmReturn );

    pView->m_bRunning = FALSE;
    pView->m_bTerminate = FALSE;
    pView->m_hThreadLoad = NULL;
    ::CloseHandle( pView->m_hThreadLoad );
    return 0;
//*********** code *************//

Above is the code I got from the Internet, run as a thread.

I don't really know the icon you mentioned, can you explain more for me?


"Tom Serface" wrote:

How are you setting up your bitmaps? Are you thinking your bitmap *is*
the icon?


"97612" <> wrote in message

I got another problem. When I click a thumbnail image, the
"hitinfo.flags != LVHT_ONITEMSTATEICON" still true, and the program
returned. I don't know if I use the wrong way?

Below is my source code:
void CThumbView::OnLvnItemchanged(NMHDR *pNMHDR, LRESULT *pResult)
// TODO: Add your control notification handler code here
CListCtrl& ListCtrl = GetListCtrl();
*pResult = 0;

//Copy click point = pNMLV->ptAction;

//Make the hit test...
int nItem = ListCtrl.HitTest(&hitinfo);
//No click on image item, return
if(hitinfo.flags != LVHT_ONITEMSTATEICON)

//Image item hit
CePhotoSyncDoc* pDoc = (CePhotoSyncDoc*)GetDocument();
pDoc->SelectItem( pNMLV->iItem );
pDoc->UpdateAllViews(this, UPDATE_PREVIEW);

"97612" wrote:

Thanks for your help, it works.

Thanks a lot.

"Tom Serface" wrote:

You could check if the user clicked on the state icon:

    *pResult = 0;

 //Copy click point = pNMListView->ptAction;

 //Make the hit test...
 int nItem = m_cList.HitTest(&hitinfo);

 if(hitinfo.flags != LVHT_ONITEMSTATEICON)
      return; // Didn't click on an icon


"97612" <> wrote in message

I use CListView to draw the thumbnail of a image list. And I want to
checkbox for the image list. When I select a thumbnail, the CListView
trigger the "OnLvnItemchanged" event to let another view to show the
image of the selected image.
My problem is that when I use
"ListCtrl.SetExtendedStyle(ListCtrl.GetStyle()|LVS_EX_CHECKBOXES )",
"OnLvnItemchanged" is trigger by the initial operation for checkbox.
not I expected, how can I solve the problem?

Thanks for your help.

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