Re: VS 2008

"David Webber" <>
Fri, 26 Feb 2010 23:51:47 -0000
"DanB" <> wrote in message

Well I finally bought the new 2008 VS. I'm moving carefully over as I have
to keep a 7.1 build current. I'm moving my support first as I don't have
to keep it updated. I started with that hexml project.

When I get to this as a copy constructor:

*this= inSet;

std::vector<TiXmlNode*> set;

The pointer to the vector is copied now where as in 7.1 it would do a deep
copy of the vector.

This can't be right, is this a known issue? And I'm not sure how to fix it
if it is my problem.

I haven't had any problems. But I'd have written it as

    : set( inSet.set )

with a *const* reference as an argument, and using the vector's copy

Without seeing how you've defined the assignment operator, it's not possible
to see what your code is doing.


David Webber
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