Re: start a web page

Goran <>
Wed, 16 Mar 2011 02:24:50 -0700 (PDT)
On Mar 15, 2:11 pm, "J-F Portala" <> wrote:

Thank you for your help,
but I would like to start a php script based on an external web site.
My example "firefox.exe mypage.php" is confusing, it is rather
The first option does not work in this case, but I will look on the optio=

n 2

concerning shdocvw.dll

When you start a browser and type in an URL to a page, and that page
is then given to you by a PHP script, and that script is executed by
the machine IRL resolves to. Result of all that is that your browser
displays a page produced by said script on another machine.

But you say "I want to execute a script". To me, at least, that
precludes a php script on your machine, and a perl interpreter, and
you run your interpreter pointing it to your script.

So, what is the end result you are trying to achieve?

That a remote host runs the script, or that you run a script?

If the former, then the easiest way I can think o is MFCs support for
WinInet. Off the top of my head, you do e.g.:

CHttpConnection connection;
std::auto_ptr<CHttpFile> PFile(connection.OpenRequest(NULL,
DWORD dwStatusCode
if (PFile->SendRequest() && PFile->QueryInfoStatusCode(&dwStatusCode)
&& dwStatusCode == HTTP_STATUS_OK)
  // All fine.

In other words... If you want very, VERY simple HTTP interaction,
WinInet is fine, and MFC has support for that.


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