RE: Static variable initialization.

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Thu, 26 Jul 2007 04:26:03 -0700
As others pointed out the behavior is normal...
However, you might slighly change your classes to avoid such construction

class A
    static A& Get() {
         static A a;
         return a;

Here you have no global class member but a static variable inside a function.
In this case, the object A will get created on the first call to A::Get
and will exist until the end of the program.


"Sytse" wrote:


In a program of mine I have several singleton classes (see below for the
basic interface).
I noticed that the constructors for the classes are called in an
arbitrary order. As a result a call to a singleton's Get function can
return a reference to an object whose constructor has not been called
yet! This only happens when I call a singleton's Get function from
another singleton's constructor. Is this behavior normal, or is this
just something that Windows CE does for me?
I've made a workaround, but would like to know if this behavior is
according to the C++ standard, or a bug.



class A

     static A g_A;//Global instance
     static A& Get()
         return g_A;


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