Re: Making a singleton of a global pointer with minimal work

Norbert Unterberg <nunterberg@newsgroups.nospam>
Fri, 21 Dec 2007 11:06:41 +0100
Daniel Lidstr?m schrieb:

On Fri, 21 Dec 2007 10:30:16 +0100, Norbert Unterberg wrote:

Daniel Lidstr?m schrieb:


I have discovered a way to make a global pointer accessible in a safe way,
that dosn't involve making lots of code changes. For example, let's say
that there is a class called _GHAL (from our code base) and that there is a
global pointer to the only instance of this class:

Have a look at

With that class, you just write

singleton_default<_GHAL>.instance().Method() anywhere in your code to use the
singleton, and the class does the rest automagically.

That is very nice, boost libraries are always high quality. The problem I
was trying to avoid was having to change *all* uses of GHAL-> into
singleton_default<_GHAL>.instance(), because that would require changing *a
lot* of places at once, and I would probably miss some which would turn up
as compilation errors for other people.

Well, that could be fixed with a little

typedef singleton_default<_GHAL> SingleGHAL;
#define GHAL (&SingleGHAL::instance())

Well, this is a dirty hack, one probably would not like it ...


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