Re: memory leakage in vc++ 6.0

Ulrich Eckhardt <>
Wed, 07 Jun 2006 09:16:12 +0200
sirisha wrote:

am trying to develop an application to transfer a folder of files
using sockets.

rsync and possibly FTP already do that, why reinvent the wheel?


What the hell are you doing here? You shouldn't be casting things around
like this and the _T macro should only be used in combination with string

                                long fileSize;

long is not long enough. Further, you could use the win32 API to get the
size of the file in a much more elegant way.

fileContentBuffer = (char*)calloc(32,sizeof(long));

Use static_cast.

if(returnValue == SOCKET_ERROR)
    cout<<endl<<"Error in Sending File Length";
    cout<<endl<<"File Size Sent Successfully : "<<fileSize;

In case of an error, you fail to release allocated storage. You should
research the RAII idiom of C++ (or use std::vector right away).


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