Re: CCriticalSection - does my thread already have a lock?

"Alexander Grigoriev" <>
Wed, 19 Jul 2006 21:43:40 -0700
I'd suggest to change your design. In general, you don't sit waiting, while
holding a resource by CRITICAL_SECTION. If a function acquires CS, it should
release it before returning, Your worker threads should arrive at the
schedule point without holding any lock.
I'd suggest using a reference count to track objects instead.

"Dan Baker" <dbmail> wrote in message

I have a thread pool waiting on an IOCP. Several threads can wake-up at
the same time, and have received data from the exact same socket. I have
the data associated with the socket locked via a CCriticalSection. But,
during shutdown, I want to manipulate the data -- if it isn't locked down.
I am sharing a routine between these two thread-types (worker and main).
This routine can delete the object, IF the current thread has the lock --
if the current thread does NOT have the lock, then it needs to flag the
object for later deletion.

So, the question: Can I query a CCriticalSection object to determine if
the current thread has a lock?


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