Re: Timeout in a CSOCKET

"AliR" <AliR@online.nospam>
Mon, 24 Jul 2006 12:10:35 -0500
You might give SO_RCVTIMEO a try. But I am not sure if it works or not.

I must say this not a nice way of socket programming (in the windows world

One thing the CSocket or CAsyncSocket class will receive a message when
there is data to be received. So you shouldn't call Receive unless you get
that message. This way you can use a windows timer for the timeout.

One other thing, you should put the Receive call in a loop since you might
not get all of the data in the first Receive call.


"Papastefanos Serafeim" <> wrote in message

I'm not sure if it's the correct newsgroup. If it's
not tell me and I'll repost to

I have written some code using CSocket, and
now there's a requirement for a timeout when
receiving data. So, I just want to do something

CSocket s;
if(s.Recv(...) == ERROR_TIMEOUT ) {
} else {

without changing many things in the already
written code. Is this possible or I have to use
another class ?

Thanks for any help !

Papastefanos Serafeim

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