Re: Socket differences between localhost and LAN (or Internet)

"William DePalo [MVP VC++]" <>
Thu, 7 Sep 2006 11:30:30 -0400
"Wyvern" <> wrote in message

I try to send a file it seems that the server and client are
not sinchronized (server is blocked since it is waiting for and
ACK of client, but the client is awaiting data from server,
supposedly it has just sent the -never received- ACK).

I am astonished but in localhost the file transfer works greatly, in a
LAN it doesn't .

So do you know if there are any differences or any particular
attentions that must be paid when we use a client-server program on a
LAN (when it works perfectly on localhost) ?

My guess is that you have a timing problem which only manifests itself when
there is some distance between sender and receiver.

You should note that if you are running a stream-oriented, rather than
datagram oriented protocol that one transmission does not necessarily
correspond to one reception. For that reason, in many environments the first
part of a message sent is a fixed structure which includes the size of the
data sent. There the receiver keeps call recv() until it gets the whole of
the message.

If you are sending the contents of the file in one fell swoop, that might be
the problem. Of course that's just a guess and you can check it by
inspecting the sizes of the sends and receives in the debugger.


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