Re: transmitFile() function

"William DePalo [MVP VC++]" <>
Fri, 20 Oct 2006 10:40:05 -0400
"CppSavvy" <> wrote in message

I know about handles and sockets and I know how to use the function on
regular files. I already have the program running. However, I want to
the performance by caching the files, for if they were accessed again they
would be in the RAM already, and the file can be transferred immediately
without accessing the HDD. So, I just want to know if I have to do
extra to use the function on memory-mapped files. And if an example can be
added that would be perfect.

I appreciate the help alot!.

You are welcome.

The Windows (NT, 2K, XP, 2K+3) is pretty aggressive at caching recently used
caching files.

If you think you know better about the caching policy in your particular
case (and you might) then you can map the files yourself. That done, you
wouldn't have to use Transmit() file. Realize though, that you probably have
at least two orders of magnitude more disk space than virtual address space.
So, there are going to be limits on what you can map into memory.

Whatever you do, I'd suggest you benchmark the alternatives before you
finalize your design because it really is true that "premature optimization
is the root of much evil". :-)


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